Knives and daggers

Made with 3, 4 or 5mm thick blades from 8-18inches in length not including the hilt.

Can be supplied with fittings from the type A selection in which case the thickness used will be either 4 or 5mm and the overall price is determined by the blade length only as follows.

8 inch blade  £100

10 inch         £110

12 inch         £120

14 inch         £140

16 inch         £160

18 inch         £180

For examples of Type A daggers/knives see the gallery below.

Made to order knives are available and for details and examples please scroll down.

For the Type A selection use the button.

Type A fittings selection

Made to Order knives/daggers

The gallery below is made up of knives and daggers that have been made to order from descriptions and references supplied by the customer.