Falchions can be supplied with fittings form the Type A selection in which case are priced only on blade length or made to order from customer specifications and priced accordingly on an individual basis.

Below in the first gallery is a selection of both types. The second gallery is for Messer Falchions which are all priced individually on request.

For the Type A fittings selection use the button below. 

type A fittings

Price guide

Falchions can be supplied with a 3mm light weight or 5mm thick blade from 22-28inches long 

(not including the hilt).

With type A fittings the 3mm light-weight types range from £200-£280 and with a 5m thick profiled blade £260-£300. For more informationon blade types please go to the blade types section.

All swords are supplied with leather grips as standard but a selection of wooden grips are available including elm, ash, sycamore and various burls.

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Messer Falchions

Messer falchions can be supplied with a 3, 4 or 5mm thick blade typically blade lengths are from 20-24 inches but can be any size required.

Grips can be leather or riveted scales in wood or horn. Below are some examples.

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