Heron Armoury

Heron Armoury has been supplying swords and knives and other arms and armour for re-enactment, HEMA and living history use since 1990 all  weapons are hardened and tempered for  use and a selection of different blade types and weights to suit all needs are available.


On the website are several different types of arms and helmets that I've made over the past few years and where possible I have provided a price range to give a rough idea of what to expect when enquiring about price.  Although I've done my best to display as many different examples in each category the chances are that what is required will be something like or a combination of different bits of examples that are what you want a quote for, so if this is the case then feel free to get in touch either by email or phone so I can get a clear idea of your requirements and provide you with a quote.


waiting times depend on the time of year and varry typically from 6-9 weeks.

I can let you know how long upon enquiry what the current time is.

If you wish to place an order then I will ask for a 25% deposit and request the ballance when i am ready to start work on your item.

Payment types i accept are Pay pal, Bacs Transfer and Cash on collection.

Please get in touch if you have any questions not covered here.


Deliveries will be carried out by APC overnight Couriers. When the item has been collected by the courier I will email you with the tracking details and it will be with you on the next working day (this does not include Saturdays). If you have any instructions for the courier let me know in time to inform them.

About Us

Heron Armoury was created in 1990 in Herne Bay, Kent.

And has In the 28 years since then  been making Arms and Armour mainly for Use in reenactment and HEMA as well as living history and display purposes.


Most items are made to order and every Item produced is made from start to finish by myself at the workshop.

Swords can be supplied blunted for reenactment and HEMA or sharp for Living history and display purposes.

All Swords Knives and Daggers are heat treated and guarenteed for one year under the use it was made for.

Decoarative finnishes can be applied to hilt fittings including twisted wire between component parts on pommels or inlay using silver,copper or brass singularly or in combination.

Bluing & blacking can be applied to hilt fittings or helmets as well as etching on blades and fittings.