Heron Armoury

Heron armoury has been supplying arms and armour for re-enactment, HEMA and living history use since 1990 all edged weapons are hardened and tempered for repeated use and a selection of different blade types and weights to suit all needs are available.


On the website are several different types of arms and helmets that I've made over the past few years and where possible I have provided a price range to give a rough idea of what to expect when enquiring about price.  Although I've done my best to display as many different examples in each category the chances are that what is required will be something like or a combination of different bits of examples that are what you want a quote for, so if this is the case then feel free to get in touch either by email or phone so I can get a clear idea of your requirements so I can provide you with a quote.


If you wish to place an order then I will give you a rough idea of when it is likely to be started, and this will depend on work load which is busier during the spring and summer months, but typically 6-8 weeks.  I do on occasion require a deposit of 25% but more often will not and will instead request the full amount when I'm ready to start work on your item, this is generally by Paypal or Transfer and I will need to know which one is best for you so I can send the relevant payment information at that time. If you find you are not in a position to proceed at that time for any reason then let me know and I will cancel the order, if however you have paid a deposit I will wait until you are ready to rebook it but in most cases the deposit is non refundable.  I will let you know how long I expect the order to take to completion and when it is ready to send I will get in touch via email to let you know when to expect delivery.


Deliveries will be carried out by APC overnight Couriers. When the item has been collected by the courier I will email you with the tracking details and it will be with you on the next working day (this does not include Saturdays). If you have any instructions for the courier let me know in time to inform them.

About Us

The challenge

Heron Armoury was created in 1990 in Herne Bay, Kent. My first sword took two weeks to make and when tested was destroyed in under one minute. The underestimation of the stresses swords are subjected to in use, was the challenge that became Heron Armoury.

Over the last 23 years it has been my aim to combine the strength required to withstand repeated use and at the same time produce something hopefully pleasing to the eye, and to achieve this every part is manufactured at the workshop from the shaping and heat treatment of the blade to the forging of the fittings, final construction and finish. This all makes it easier for me to check every care is taken, and ensure the weapon or helm is able to withstand what's required by the customer.

As well as all types of weaponry like axes, pole arms spear heads etc. Heron armoury also produces helmets from the 4th-12th century.

Over the last 27 years I have tried to prove that you can make a living doing something you love, and although loving it has been a challenge some days and I haven't always made a living, I am proud of what I produce and I hope you find that the images on this site reflect that. 

Tim Noyes

Heron Armoury