Basic Leather scabbard no belt

Leather scabbard with bronze throat,chape and ring susspension points.

made from thick leather only and Not wooden cored. £

Leather scabbard with belt

scabbard with bronze throat and chape and Buckle.

Belt fitted with adjustable strap to alter the angle of the scabbard when worn.


Leather Scabbard with Baldric

Leather Scabbard , bronze throat and chape with baldric and buckle

Wooden Core stiched leather covered

Wooden core leather covered stiche along back with bronze throat and chape.

supplied with one or two stops on the scabbard for either Baldric or belt suspension (not supplied) to slide up to.

The example shown has one stop for a Baldric. £125

Leather covered wooden core with Baldric


Leather covered wooden cored scabbard with belt.

Wooden cored scabbard with bronze throat, chape and buckle.  Belt and adjustable strap to alter the hanging angle of the sword.  £180