Blade profile information

Sword and knives can be supplied with light weight 3mm thick flat section blade up to a maximum 32inches in length (not including the tang) or 5mm thick profiled (diamond) section up to 42inches in length not including the tang. 

Both types are generally supplied with fullers and a polished finish unless otherwise requested. If you need more information on which type would be best to suit your needs please get in touch.

Blade Type information

Swords and knives can be supplied as re-enactment, HEMA, Thin blunt edged (butterknife) 

or sharp living history.

Re-enactment types will depend on your group/club specifications but typically 2mm-3mm thick edges and 

5p-10p radius points. HEMA types again depend on individual club specifications but typically 1.5mm-2 mm and thinner point radius. Butterknife edged blades are from 0.5mm-1mm and a safe handling version of the living history types that are sharp mainly for cutting demonstration and a more accurate look and feel. All blades without exception are hardened and tempered.