About Us

The Challenge

Heron Armoury was created in 1990 in Herne Bay, Kent.

My First sword took two weeks to make and when tested was

 destroyed in under one minute. The underestimation of the stresses 

swords are subjected to in use, was the challenge that became

 Heron Armoury.

Over the last 23 years it has been my aim to combine the strength required

 to withstand repeated use and at the same time produce something hopefully

 pleasing to the eye, and to achieve this every part is manufactured at the 

workshop form the shaping and heat treatment of the blade to the forging

 of the fittings and final construction and finish.  This all makes it easier for

 me to check every care is taken, and ensure the weapon or helm is able to

 withstand what's required from it by the customer.

Other Items Produced

As well as all types of weaponry like axes, pole arms spear heads etc 

Heron armoury also produces helmets from the 4th-12th century.