14th-16th Century Medieval Swords

From shaping the blade to the final polish weather for Re-enactment, western martial arts or sharp Living History demonstrations. All swords are made from start to finish at the Armoury and fit for purpose.

There are three categories of Medieval Sword made at Heron Armoury:

Type A : Priced according to blade length only and made with a selection of fittings to choose from.

Falchions : Single handed, single edged swords with the same fitting option as the type A.

Made to Order : Swords of any design and specification which may be taken from period images and your research or something more elaborate.

Type A

The type A has a diamond section blade which is generally fullered and made from 5mm spring steel blade and is hardened and tempered at the Armoury and fitted out with forged fittings, the hilt is shaped from compressed solid leather rings which make a strong shock resistant grip and is supplied in natural polished finish or a range of colours . Type A swords are made to order with a selection of quillon and pommel types to choose from, and no matter which combination selected are priced only according to blade length.. these fittings are as follows.


Come in four types, shown on the left and these are all available in three forms: Straight, Slightly down turned, or turned down. See the images on the right, which are Quillon A in the three forms that you can order it.


Price list

Here are the current prices for Type A swords.

Type A Description Blade Length Price
Single 24in/61cm £210
Single 26in/66cm £230
Light Arming 28in/71cm £250
Arming 30in/76cm £270
Arming 32in/81.5cm £290
Hand & Half 34in/86.5cm £320
Hand & Half 36in/91.5cm £350
Double 38in/96.5cm £380


the following are a few examples of swords made from combining these fittings. Type A gallery.