14th-16th Century Falchions

Falchions are single edged, generally single handed swords that vary from 20-28inches in blade length.

The same fittings that are available for the standard medieval swords know as Type A are available for Falchions too. This selection is pictured on the medieval swords page.

The following price list is for swords using a combination of these fittings:

Blade Length (inch/cm) Price
22 / 56 £240
24 / 61 £260
26 / 66 £270
28 / 71 £290

As with all the weapons some Falchions have been made to order with particular features requested by the customer, these include different types and finishes of pommel and quillon ,blade lengths ,fuller combinations etc.

Please contact me for a quote if there are any features or fittings you would like, that are not available in the standard selection.


Messer Falchions